Employment Advice

We act for a large number of commercial organisations, ranging from owner managed businesses to large international companies employing thousands of people. Equally, we have acted for a substantial number of employees in negotiating and drafting terms of employment, and on employment disputes in Tribunals and the courts.

We have advised in the drafting of employment contracts, restrictive covenants and on the myriad of legislation, statutory instruments and regulations affecting and regulating the relationship of employer/employee in this ever more complex and important area of the law.

When Should You Seek Employment Advice?

Accordingly, if you are about to enter into any form of employment arrangement it is imperative that you receive legal advice prior to embarking on a course of action which could have far-reaching consequences, whether it is from the employers’ or the employees’ perspective. If you are involved in an employment dispute then you need our expert guidance to seek a speedy and cost effective resolution, if that is possible, or to protect your rights, where necessary through the courts or tribunals.


Employment Agreements

Executive Service Contracts – Standard Terms of employment – Restrictive covenants


Employment Disputes

Disputes concerning termination of employment – Industrial injuries – Racial/Sexual Discrimination