Family Law

Private Disagreements

We are familiar with the trauma and distress caused by family and private disagreements. Such matters demand assistance and advice that is both sympathetic and positive, pragmatic and decisive, and which will also safeguard your interests.

Matters arising from matrimonial and relationship breakdowns are particularly sensitive, especially where there are children or disputes over property or business interests. We always endeavour to obtain a swift resolution of such matters, but strongly believe in the importance of conciliation, if at all possible.



If you are, or are about to become, involved in a private or domestic disagreement, then an early consultation with us may well save a great deal of time, distress and expense in the long run. Our considerable resources and many years of hard won legal experience are at your disposal for the purpose of extracting the most effective solution to your problem from the complex mass of legislation and case law.


Separation and Divorce

Financial and property matters – Day to day care and residence of children



Relationships Outside Marriage and Co-habitees


Problems of Inheritance